February 19, 2013

  • Petitioning AMC Theaters: Subtitles or captioning for the hearing impaired.

    AMC Theatres: Subtitles or captioning for the hearing impaired.

    Along with 28 million of other Americans, I have hearing loss and have to use captioning to understand the dialogue and speech on television. I am not completely deaf but have a hard time watching movies or tv shows that don’t offer captioning services. I would love to enjoy watching a new movie like many people take for granted, but without the captions I just can’t keep up with what’s going on and usually have to watch the movie again when it’s released on dvd to understand what went on in the movie. Movie theaters already make accommodations for disabled individuals in wheel-chairs, I am simply asking they have a showing available for their movies that would have captions or English subtitles at the bottom of the screen. The technology is already there as almost all new films come ready to be subtitled in whatever language the country speaks where the film is being shown.
    Please AMC Theaters, start having shows with captions available for patrons with hearing loss that affects 28 million Americans. Thank you very much.

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  • Thank you Paige!

  • that’s what keeps me from going to the theaters. Often the explosions or background noises are so loud and I can’t make heads or tails of the dialogue.

  • I had no idea that they didn’t already do that.

  • I wasn’t aware. I know at the theater I used to work at, all you had to do was ask for headphones for these kind of cases, and then you were able to have your own audio setup, as it were.

    Seems odd AMC doesn’t do that.

  • Cinemark already offers this sort of thing.

  • Here in the UK all the major cinema chains have frequent subtitled showings. They haven’t always been advertised very much but that seems to be changing now. Believe it or not some hearing people have COMPLAINED about it being a distraction, but they are very much in the minority.

    The amount of TV with captioning is growing, as is the narration for people who are visually impaired. It would be great if there is eventually 100% coverage.

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