November 8, 2012

  • “as human beings, we have only a limited capacity to appreciate beauty, but instead have an almost seemingly  infinite capacity to focus on the negative. this is what we must change if we hope to evolve as individuals as well as a species.” 

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  • This is a wonderful quote. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I’ve grown weary of all the negative people.
    Once I tried to help them see a better view of the world. I’ve given that up in my non-cyber life.

  • intersting thought… fear protects us, but in most cases, in our society at least, it’s just a big unnecessary bump in the road. It would be nicer without it for sure.

    ironically this awakes some fears and very very negative thoughts in me now…should all the ‘negative people’ be killed and forbidden to have children so those with more postive neurotransitters pass on their dna and the rest doesn’t?…or is it a cultural thing that will maybe exclude the debbie downers from society, and make it ok to diss them?…mhhhhh. 

    I guess I am the best example for a negative individual …butI only try to protect myself . lol.

  • Here’s Oscar Wilde: To me Beauty is the wonder of wonders … It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances.

    @C_L_O_G -  Oscar Wilde: The critic has to educate the public. The artist has to educate the critic.

  • @sleekpeek - I hope Oscar is right.

  • true *that*, aaron mcnees. i found a quote the other day that’s inspiring too, by george washington carver, and it went something like this: “imagination – the ability to foresee, visualize, and create your idea in your mind is the most powerful resource you have.” think it’s pretty high-level energetic. hope you’re enjoying up there in the beautiful country. <3

  • Happy Thoughts,

    That’s what my therapist said.

  • They used to call me Smart Ass.

    I’m sorry.

    These past few weeks I’ve done much meditating, self-hypnosis and balancing of chakras. I’ve found that I do focus on the negative and blame my short comings on others.( It’s better than talking to those bitches on the inside. They can be relentless.)

    I watched this awesome show, Through the Worm Hole, narrated by Morgan Freeman. It was about 6th sense. There was this one scientist who has measured and proven a collective conscious. His machine measures in a way, the thoughts, moods and feelings of the whole world in one given moment, in real time, second by second. On September 11th the machine charted the highest spike in the consciousness of the world than in anytime since it’s inception. With in 5 hours he had charted the flow of information around the world and the machine was abuzz with numbers…. a 1 in an 8 billion chance that the random blips of numbers all turned into one constant equation.

    Positive thoughts create a positive reality.

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