December 20, 2012

  • “soul bound items”

    all those items
    of past instances
    that you once treasured
    and bound tightly to your soul
    Have slowly fallen away,
    one by one forgotten
    golden talismans
    that burned brightly
    you held fast
    against the darkness rising
    up in loneliness and despair
    your armor buckled
    and sword kept true
    to slay the beasts
    that waited for you,
    in the night
    patiently, to come home
    but you strayed too far
    and stayed too gone
    your treasures downgraded
    to souvenirs and post cards
    of past sunlit instances you lost in transit
    on the downward spiral to your final destination
    all those soul-bound items you left behind
    have faded from neglect
    and tarnished with rust
    once radiant glories now dying candles
    burning faintly in dim memorium
    of all those past instances.

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