January 23, 2013

  • I’m going to tell you a secret:
    Assuming a life-span of about 80 years
    And multiplying by 365 days without fatal accident,
    you have about 29200 total days of your life.
    That’s right, suckers.
    But wait, here comes the fun part-
    now you have to subtract the number of days you have lived *so far* from that number-
    your age X 365 = __.
    Now, here comes the fun … In my case of 43 years, my number of days lived has been 15695.
    So…29200 – 15695= 13,505 days left to me.
    13,505 days left to live my life.
    Strangely enough, I find this somewhat comforting;
    I plan on doing things that will last with them, at least trying to.
    Planting seeds is good.
    The formula is something like 80*365=29200-X (your age x 365)
    Use wisely. Have fun. Thank you for playing.

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